About Us

We’re Roland and Lori Wostl and we have been married for over 40 years. We have two grown children and two grandkids. Colorado and the Intermountain West are our backyard.

So why are we heading for Europe and the Alps? A number of reasons, all of them compelling.

  • In summer of 2013 we saw new possibilities open up in our lives. Our old lives, our old responsibilities, as well as our old ways of doing things were starting to come to an end. So we began to ask ourselves, “What’s next?”, and came up with a number of new directions for our lives.
  • We knew we both loved to travel, hike in the outdoors, immerse ourselves in other cultures, and explore nature.
  • Roland wanted to spend more time in the land of his birth, Austria. He was born in Salzburg and grew up in the country, and he still thinks the nearby Lake District, with its small towns, lakes, and magnificent mountains is the most beautiful place on earth.
  • Lori wanted to continue teaching art classes, coaching people in being successful, and creating works of art. She is an entrepreneur, teacher, writer and a self-taught artist who enjoys art journaling, altered art, collaging, jewelry making and watercolor. She has been wanting to take her Art Journaling Workshops to different countries for many years now.

So we came up with an enterprise in which we could both share what we know and do what we love. We are calling it Hut-n-Trek because we are planning hut-to-hut treks in the Alps.

Currently, we are also exploring inn-to-inn hikes in the Wachau, a picturesque region on the Danube full of vineyards, apricot orchards, castles, and ancient monasteries. UNESCO inscribed the Wachau as a cultural landscape in their list of World Heritage Sites.  There, between boat rides on the Danube, we’d simply hike through the countryside sampling wine and inspecting castle ruins like the one where Richard Lionheart languished in prison. We’ll spend nights in different inns, including a completely refurbished and modernized castle from the 12th century – making this an inn-to-inn trek.

In the future, we may do similar point-to-point hikes in the Camargue of South France (birdwatching), or transverse the Irish countryside for its culture and the sheer fun of it.

All along we’ll combine our treks with workshops that inspire creative self expression.

Hut-n-Trek hits all of the high spots – traveling to Europe, visiting Roland’s native country, hiking in the Alps, exploring nature, and immersing ourselves in the best Europe has to offer.

You can read more about us (Roland, Lori) in the following pages. Also read the rest of the pages and posts on this site and keep in mind that this new enterprise of ours is the culmination of our life long experiences. It’s totally new and exciting, and it provides a venue for us to share what we know and do what we love.

Join us by putting to use what you learn on this site, subscribe to receive updates on new content, or even better, come with us on one of our treks.