Lori Wostl

lori headshot (1 of 1)Lori is all about self-expression – her own as well as that of people she comes in contact with.

At our Hut-n-Trek venture, she’s responsible for all aspects of our art courses. When treks involve art journaling, she’ll teach daily workshops and mentor everyone’s progress.

Lori is a lifelong art journaler and collager. She and her sister were already creating huge montages when Roland met her in the late ‘60s.

Since then she has accumulated a wealth of experience organizing and teaching art workshops. As one of the founding partners of Art Camp for Women, she has taught, among other subjects, art journaling courses at every workshop for the last seven years.

Her students find her classes to be relaxed, fun and jam-packed with an abundance of the ideas and techniques available to art journalers. In addition to the visual aspects of art journaling, most of her classes also include a writing practice as a path to self-expression.

Since 2010 she has created all the art for the Journal Project of Art Camp for Women, and she regularly published weekly Journaling Prompts on their website.

At the beginning of February 2013, Lori joined the design team of Artistcellar and has published regularly on that site. You can see all of that work on her Artistcellar Blog.

She stays on the leading edge of mixed-media art through the internet and by taking several classes a year.

When she is not working on her many art projects or teaching, Lori’s day job is her coaching business. She loves coaching people in issues that impact the workability of everyday life.