Roland Wostl

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Roland brings his Austrian background to the enterprise – everything he knows about the country and its neighbors, native language and appreciation of local customs.

Roland was born in Salzburg, Austria, and grew up in a small village nearby. He speaks not only fluent English and German, but he also grew up speaking the regional dialect.

Dialects are one of the hallmarks of Europe. A Salzburg dialect, for example, can sound totally alien to someone who grew up in a canton of Switzerland, and vice versa.

He is responsible for the logistics of each trek and arranges for everything we need to get from the beginning of the course to the end as smoothly as possible. He plans the routes we’ll take and makes the necessary arrangements. Roland makes sure we get on the right train, bus or cable car, and selects the huts we’ll visit.

Perhaps most important of all, he will also be the translator on the spot. This means that we avoid confusion and misunderstanding (the guardians of truth) due to language, and that every member of the group can communicate thoughts, wishes and feelings to German speakers.

Roland is also passionate naturalist with professional backgrounds in wetlands ecology and environmental planning. Although he spent his youth in Austria, he is not nearly as familiar with the flora and fauna of the Alps as he is with plants and animals of the Western US. He likes to see the country, any country, from high vantage points and views the alpine landscapes of Europe as another opportunity for exploration. The mystery of what lives and grows just around the next corner is always a lure to him, sometimes to the annoyance of Lori.

If you join one of our treks, you are more than welcome to accompany him on short nature walks to see what kinds of birds, plants or animals you might find just over the next hill.