Art Journaling on the Danube in 2016

In 2016 we’ll  take you on a traveling art journaling course with Hut-n-Trek you’ll love.  We’ll explore one of the most beautiful regions on the Danube in Lower Austria, the Wachau.


  • We’ll spend a week exploring a Danube river valley populated with vineyards, quaint medieval towns, castle ruins, and venerable monasteries.
  • We’ll hike to several castle ruins, explore towns seemingly from the middle ages, and visit Melk Abbey. We’ll ride a river boat from one end of the Wachau and back, and we’ll go on a hike between Dürnstein and Weissenkirchen for its view of the Danube valley and the experience of the landscape.
  • Between excursions, we’ll learn how to give expression to our individual experiences with art journaling sessions.
  • And all along – we’ll sample wines, food, and drink from the Region.

We invite you to come with us.

An Art Journaling Page in Progress - from Lori's Art Journal of the Wachau

An Art Journal Page in Progress – from Lori’s Art Journal of the Wachau

About the Wachau

The Wachau is one of the most scenic river valleys of the Danube between the towns of Melk and Krems in lower Austria. It’s a landscape of terraced vineyards and orchards, where small towns from the middle ages front on the river, and castles, ruins and abbeys stand high above the land. The region reflects centuries old traditions and agricultural practices.

But the Wachau is not just a living museum. It’s vibrant and flourishing and a feast for the senses. During the course of a week we’ll explore medieval towns, hike to castle ruins shrouded in legend, and visit Melk Abbey with its treasures.

We’ll also wander through vineyards and forests high above the Danube on a section of a long distance trail, the Wachau World Heritage Trail. And for a completely different point of view, we’ll ride a river boat on the Danube from one end of the Wachau to the other – and back.

We’ll also stop off for a short visit to view the Venus of Willendorf , one of the oldest female statue in the world dating to about 25000 BC. As the name suggests, this statue was found near this small town on the Danube (actually, we’ll see a replica at the place where the Venus was found; the original is on display in a museum in Vienna).

Venus of Willendorf; Age ca 25000 years

Venus of Willendorf
Age: ca 25000 years

There's Always a Heuriger Somewhere

There’s Always a Heuriger Somewhere














No visit to the Wachau would be complete without a “Heuriger”, a name literally meaning “this year’s” (wine). Throughout the year, one or the other wine estate opens its doors and offers their new wine – the Heurigen – to the delight of locals and tourists.

We’ll visit several of these establishments. You don’t have to drink wine of course, you can also get other refreshments. However, a visit to the Wachau without an evening over a “Heurigen” is a wasted opportunity, in Roland’s opinion.

All of that is accompanied by daily art journaling workshops to make sure the rich impressions we gather get permanently recorded in a way that’s as unique as our experience.

Traveling Art Journaling Course Details

We are in the preliminary stages of planning this course. We are announcing it now to gauge the level of interest and to give you a “heads-up” for a traveling art journaling course in the Wachau.  We realize there are many questions to be answered. We also know that the devil is in the details. We are in the process of developing them and we’ll post the information as soon as we can.

Dates: We are planning a course for September 2016, in our opinion one of the best months of the year to visit the Wachau. It’s fall, grape harvesting time, but the temperatures are still mild and comfortable.

Group Size: We’ll limit participation to a maximum of nine people . Unlike previous art journaling courses, it’s open to all genders; couples are welcome, too.

Itinerary: We are still working out a detailed, day by day itinerary, but everything we described above is the minimum you can expect when you join us for our Trek through the Wachau.

Instructors: Lori Wostl will teach all art journaling workshops and also accompany you on all day trips. Roland Wostl  will act as a translator and guide. He will also accompany you on all of your hikes and excursions, and make sure you get on all of the right trains, buses, ferries, and boats.

Contact Us: If you are interested in coming with us on this adventure in art journaling, please contact us to find out if this trek – complete with an art journaling course – is for you.

Cost: To be determined. As a working estimate, the entire course will cost between $1500 – $2000. This includes a week-long art journaling course, transportation, most meals, lodging, access to venues, and a river boat ride on the Danube. It does not include transportation from the USA to Salzburg, Austria, our proposed point of departure. We’ll spell out the details in due time.

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Recommended Reading

We are adding background material on the Wachau to this website. You can read our introductory article on the Wachau here. We’ll also add more posts about various towns and places, and what we think of them, in the next few weeks.

You’ll find a list of recommended reading, complete with links, on a separate page.