We’re Back: A Round Up of our 2014 Hut-to-Hut Treks

We are back.

After 6 weeks of traveling in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands, we are back in the US full of new ideas and impressions.

We covered a lot of ground in September and October. We went on two hut-to-hut treks in the Alps, spent a week in the wine country of Lower Austria, and topped it off with four days in the Netherlands.

Last Days in Amsterdam

Last Days in Amsterdam

In between treks and tours we went on day hikes and walked through miles of city streets, ancient and new. We rode on cruise ships, boats, and cable ferries, and we traveled on buses, cable cars, and high speed trains. We visited abbeys, graveyards and castle ruins, and when no one was listening we sang harmony in churches for the joy of fine acoustics.

The Danube flowing past Melk Abbey

The Danube flowing past Melk Abbey

Along the way we quaffed beer from 1/2 liter mugs, drank flagons of wine before it was bottled, and downed draughts of Sturm (fermenting grape cider on its way to being wine). We also sampled our share of chocolate.

All of that was driven by a simple purpose – to create point-to-point treks for a traveling art journaling course. No one ever said you can’t enjoy a business trip.

We learned a lot in those weeks. We tested the Gosaukamm Trek and found we need to revise the route. We scouted another hut-to-hut trek through the Karwendel Range in Tirol and we were surprised by its beauty and accessibility. This is a trek we will repeat.

Then we put together the elements of a traveling art journaling course in the Wachau, a World Heritage Region in Lower Austria. Where the mountains are rugged and encourage conquest, the Wachau is gently curved and inviting like a woman who opens her arms to comfort. Both landscapes ask to be explored, but in different ways.

Each of these adventures will get a detailed treatment in future posts. For now, we’re  preparing overviews of each one, complete with our take home lessons.

We’ll have considerably more to say about each of these treks in future posts and pages. In the long run we’ll post sufficient information to do each trek or tour on your own. If they still look too intimidating to attempt by yourself  – strange language, travel modes, customs, regions, etc. – we’ll invite you to come along on one of our excursions. We’re putting those together, too.

In the short run, though, we’ll write and post short descriptions of each of our adventures.

The links for each one are below. They’ll go live as we complete them. Please click on them to read more.

Hiking along the Gosaukamm – A Review of the 2014 Hut-to-Hut Trek  – What we experienced and why we are revising it.

The Karwendel Transversal – An easy hut-to-hut trek through an indescribably beautiful mountain range.

A Week in the Wachau – Medieval towns, ancient castles, abbeys and vineyards along the Danube.

Days in the Netherlands – Our first exposure to a highly developed social environment.

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