Gosaukamm Trek Information

Dates and Prices for the Gosaukamm Hut-to-Hut Trek

Trek Dates: 5 Trekking Days Plus 1 Arrival Day – Sept. 17 – 22.

Sept 17: (Day 0) Arrival in Salzburg, Orientation, Scavenger Hunt, Social Hour

Sept. 18 -22: Traveling/Trekking Days

We depart from Salzburg on the morning of Thursday September 18 and return on Monday September 22 in the afternoon to early evening. However, we are offering an optional introduction and orientation session in Salzburg, beginning the afternoon of the 17th of September. Prior to that session we are conducting a scavenger hunt, and afterwards everyone is invited to a social hour.

Travel Tip: Arrive a day or two early, if not in Salzburg, then somewhere close by. This can be the most important thing to do to get ready for the trek. You will need time to rest, get used to new surroundings, and get over jet lag. Austria is 8 hours ahead of Mountain Standard Time. When it’s morning in Austria your body wants to be fast asleep, for the first couple of days.

Trek Price: $1200 (multiple mixed-gender occupancy).

Accommodations in Hallstatt can be double occupancy, but at alpine huts you’ll sleep in dormitory style bunk rooms with a number of other people of all sexes and ages.

Trip Cost Includes

  • Art Journaling Sessions – 5 days plus introductory art journaling activities in Salzburg on the day prior to departure (Day 0 – read itinerary for details).
  • Art Journaling Supplies – Since we are backpacking we will provide the journaling supplies including pens, glue, water brushes, etc. With shared supplies such as watercolor pencils & blocks, crayons and tape. We will include a 15 page journal  You will be expected to collect your own items (ephemera) along the way to include in your art journal; that’s what makes it a personal travel journal.
  • Logistics and Travel Escort – from the time we say hello in Salzburg on the 17th to the time we say good bye in Salzburg on the 22nd of September.
  • Meals, snacks, accommodations, and transportation from Salzburg on Day One, to our arrival in Salzburg on Day Five.
  • Drinks – we’ll include one non-alcoholic beverage with each meal.
  • Luggage Storage
  • Hut Sleeping Bag – basically a sleeping bag liner: a requirement at every hut.

Trip Cost Does Not Include

  • Hotels in Salzburg or anywhere on your way to joining us at the beginning of the trek on September 18th.
  • Round-trip airfare and ground transportation (train, bus, taxi, etc.) from the US to Salzburg. We generally fly to Munich and take the train directly from the airport to Salzburg. The German transportation system has good deals on train travel, we can advise you on selecting trains.
  • Cost of hotel, meals and transportation prior to departure from Salzburg on the 18th of September. In other words, we offer the orientation, scavenger hunt, and introductory art journaling session on the 17th as a bonus. You are also invited to join us for a social hour that evening, but you are responsible for all your own expenses, that day.
  • Alcoholic and all other beverages not included with a meal. Each meal includes one non-alcoholic beverage, you have to pay for additional drinks. 
  • Tips. During the trek, we tip as appropriate (tipping in Austria is not the same as in the US, so leave it to us). However, just in case you believe someone deserves an additional gratuity, you will need to treat that as a personal expense.
  • Personal Expenses Souvenirs, gifts, clothing, umbrellas, toiletries, etc. fall into that category.
  • Austrian Alpine Club (OEAV) Membership. We require that you become a member of the OEAV. Membership includes insurance. In case of a serious accident you will be airlifted off the mountain at no cost [Read Details Here. I found the material in English at the website of the British Section of the OEAV (yes, there is one).  Unfortunately, I have found it impossible so far to enroll as a member from the US – apparently they can’t handle US VISA (I haven’t tried Master Card). Until I find a work-around, you need to enroll when you get to Austria.]
  • Travel Insurance. You are responsible for your own travel insurance. 

The Trek Leaders

Your Art Journaling teacher will be Lori Wostl, a well-known and experienced instructor. Roland Wostl, a Salzburg born naturalist and biologist who speaks English and German fluently, will escort the group from the beginning of the trip to the end. He’ll take care of all logistics and day to day details.

Difficulty of the Gosaukamm Hut-to-Hut Trek

We rank this trek between easy and moderate. The trails leads through hill country and you can expect steep uphills and downhills. However, the trails are part of a larger system of trails, they are well used and maintained.

 There are no climbing sections and no sections where we’re exposed to steep drop offs and where vertigo might be a problem.

The most difficult section, technically speaking, is a passage called the Durchgang or Jöchl for short (Passage). Here a new trail leads up a steep ravine before it deposits us, nearly 400 feet higher, on top, on relatively level ground. The old trail was destroyed by a landslide a few years ago. It was also very steep and narrow, and on occasion it was secured with wire cables and reinforced with wooden steps anchored to the ground. It wasn’t technically difficult, just steep.

 The Alpine Club built a new trail up an adjacent ravine and it looks just as steep and just and narrow as the old one, and just as negotiable with numerous switchbacks (you can see what it looks like here).

Physical Demands

Having said that, you need to be in good enough physical shape to hike from 2 to 5 hours for three days in a row. But even more importantly, you need to be absolutely sure footed. You need to be able to negotiate rough terrain sometimes littered with rocks and boulders without twisting your ankle.


Hotel Suggestions in Salzburg Before the Trek

If you arrive in Salzburg before we depart on the trek, you will need to make hotel reservations. We recommend you select a hotel near the train station. Contact us for recommendations.

Accommodations During the Trek

We’ll spend our first night at a Pension or Gasthaus in Hallstatt. You can expect a simple, but clean double occupancy room with comfortable beds, shower and bathroom.

Hut Facilities

We’ll stay in two huts administered by the Austrian Alpine Club (OEAV) and one in private ownership. All of the Huts have Guest Rooms for eating, drinking, lounging and conversation. Both of the OEAV huts we visit also have terraces where we can sit in good weather and enjoy the view.

Sleeping in Alpine Huts

Staying in an alpine hut is more like staying in a youth hostel than in a hotel. Lodgings in Alpine Huts tend to be simple. Most likely we will share a large, mixed-sex dormitory style bunk room with other hikers and mountaineers. The Theodor Koerner Hut (OEAV) for instance, has 33 bed spaces in a dormitory, and 6 bed spaces in a smaller room. The Hofpuergl Hut (OEAV)has 105 bed spaces in dormitories, and 20 spaces in smaller rooms. The Bachlalm, a privately owned hut, has 15 bed spaces, all of them in a dormitory style bunk room.

Beds are clean and comfortable and come with pillows and blankets. However, hut sleeping bags are mandatory – we will provide you with a new one. If at all possible, we will arrange for beds in smaller bedrooms, i.e. rooms with 4-6 people occupancy. Nearly all the huts we visit have such rooms, however, because of short lead time to make reservations, we cannot guarantee that we can get them.

Last word: you haven’t had the full hut-to-hut trekking experience until you sleep in a large bunk room with 20 or more people.

All of the huts have shared toilets outside of the room. And all of the huts, with the possible exception of the Bachlalm, have a strict lights-out-policy at 10 pm.

More Travel Information

This trek begins in Salzburg on the 17th of September and ends in Salzburg on the 22nd of September. MAKE SURE YOUR TRAVEL ITINERARY IS CORRECT. Flight schedules can change, please confirm your flight 7 days prior to your trip (another reason for planning to arrive early).

Do not book airplane tickets before we tell you to! We will not be responsible for any airfares you book.

We highly recommend that you acquire trip insurance. This is often offered by your credit card company when you book your flight. If not we will help you out with a recommendation. Usually the trip insurance connected to your own credit card company has better coverage for less money.

Travel Delays

Hut-n-Treks is not responsible for any costs you may incur due to delays with transportation (airline or other), weather, road conditions, government intervention, sickness or other contingencies beyond our control. For international flights it is necessary to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to departure. If you miss your flight and we need to make special arrangements for you to meet up with the group, you will be responsible for paying all extra costs.