Welcome to Hut-n-Trek

This is fundamentally a site for travelers who love to hike through spectacular landscapes. It is also a site for people who would love to chronicle their treks with a visual travelogue, such as art journaling.

Hut-n-Trek is a merger of two ideas: the first is that hiking from hut-to-hut in the alps for days on end is not only possible, it’s altogether different from a hike of similar length in the Rockies, for instance. It’s also highly enjoyable.

The other idea is that to get the most from those hikes, you should combine it with a creative pursuit that connects you to your environment. Daily instruction and practice in one of the visual arts, for example, where you walk through new environments and cultures with the idea of transforming your experience into art, will change the way you relate your surroundings.

From those two ideas, we are creating Hut-n-Trek.

For now, we are focusing on the Eastern Alps of Europe as the region of our choice. They offer everything an enthusiastic hiker could want – magnificent mountain scenery and a diversity of cultures, languages and traditions.  Best of all, they are home to a highly developed systems of huts connected by an extensive network of trails. That network makes it possible to take short day hikes ,  or to trek for days on end through the high country of the Alps with only a light pack on your shoulders.

This site will contain everything you need to know for planning your own hiking trip of any duration, with a primary focus on the alps of Austria, Germany (Bavaria) and Italy ( South Tyrol).

Escorted Hut-to-Hut Treks and Art Journaling in the Alps

If after reading all we publish you are still not sure you can do it on your own, we invite you to join us on one of our hut-to-hut treks. Our treks are not for everyone, though, and not because we go on difficult hikes. We don’t.  Although we take care of all of the logistics, we are not simply providing escorted treks. Instead, we are offering treks in combination with art courses in a variety of media. For now, we are combining hut-to-hut treks with a course in Art Journaling for the following reasons:

  • anyone learn how to keep an art journal;
  • art journaling can involve a multitude of media;
  •  it’s the best means we know that can transform an ordinary travel adventure into an extraordinary experience.

That’s the gist of Hut-n-Trek and what you can expect to find on this site. Please read on to get a better sense of the possibilities a hike in the alps offers, especially if its combined with a course in one of the visual arts, such as art journaling. Once again, Welcome to Hut n Trek. We hope you’ll come with us on one of our treks. If not, we hope to inspire you to take a trek of your own in the Alps. It’s an experience you won’t forget. Read on to find out:

Why hiking in the Alps is different from hiking in the Rocky Mountains;

Why you should keep an Art Journal as travelogue of your hikes;

About huts and trails in the Alps;